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Q: Is basmati rice a  type of aromatic rice?
Yes, Basmati rice of the kinds of aromatic rice. It is mostly produced in India and Pakistan and has long and slender shape which distinguishes it from other types of rice. When these are cooked.
Q: What is meant by brown rice?
) Brown is a type of rice from which hull has been removed and bran layers are left behind. These layers cling to the rice grains and give them tan color and due to color such rice are called brown rice. Brown rice has nutty flavor and a slight chewy texture as well. It is more Nourishing and beneficial than enriched white rice because of having fiber in double amount. Along with fibers, It has five times more vitamin E and three times more magnesium than white rice.
Q: What is parboiled or converted rice?
Parboiled and converted rice is kind of rice treated by steam pressure before milling. This process forces all significant nutrients from bran layer into the endosperm. Converted rice shows firm texture and grains remain separate when cooked.
Q: Why is rice a well-liked and commonly used food?
 Easy cooking as well as storage of rice makes it a popular food amongst  people rice is an ideal food for babies because it can easily be digested. Also, For sick people who find it hard to eat very much; Rice is the best food.
Q: What nutrients are present in rice?
Rice is cholesterol free food with almost no fat. Basic nutrients of rice is complex carbohydrates. It is also low in sodium but a good source of vitamins and minerals like Thiamine, Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin D, Calcium and fiber. You can also get protein with all its eight Amino acids from rice.
Q: Why is Asia world’s largest rice producer?
Asia is the largest rice growing continent than any other because it is staple food of Asians. It is a matter of food security that Asians must have reliable supply of rice.
Q: Is rice eaten daily basis?
In countries where rice is a staple food and considered as major diet item, It is eaten on daily basis and almost in every meal. Generally, Asians cannot spend even a single day without eating rice. apart from eating rice daily, Some people refer and love to eat rice three times a day.
Q: How can you serve rice in days ways?
All ways of rice serving usually depends on cook and choice of eaters as well that is what they like and what not. Way of cooking and eating the rice may also be affected by geography, Agriculture, Tradition, History and even philosophy of the people and area in which they live. Rice is not only the main part of meal but it is also an appetizer and can be utilized in soups making. Rice may also be used in desserts which are normally served as side dishes.
Q: What is a normal way of cooking rice?
Rice is quite easy to cook; You can Steam, Boil, Bake and even microwave it. But normally people cook rice by simple boiling it in water. There are various methods of cooking rice depending on types of rice. Cook prefences and liking / disliking of individual rice eaters. Ways of cooking rice varies not only from people to people but from country to country as well. For instance, Plain and sticky rice is eaten in Japan while Indian people cook rice dry and separate; Then they mix it with Fat, Nuts and Spices. In South America, Rice is cooked dry but they make them Spicy by topping with highly Spiced and saucy mix of red beans.
Q: What do you mean by aromatic rice?
Rice has numerous varieties and aromatic rice is one of them. This variety of rice is named because of its distinct aroma and flavor. This particular smell is due to high proportion of 2-Acetyl-1-Pyrroline, Which naturally occurs in rice.
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