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Rice Production Processing
STEP 1 Hopper
Rice enters to machine through Hopper.
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STEP 2 Comby Cleaner
The Rice is first fed to the Comby Cleaner where all the foreign matters such as stones, tree stumps etc are removed from the rice.
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STEP 3 D-Stoner
De-stoner removes stones and heavy impurities from grains, utilizing bulk density differences.
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STEP 4 Paddy Separator
Paddy Separator removes all the paddy mixed in the rice.
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STEP 5 Thickness Grader
Thickness grader developed for the most efficient separation of broken , immature & thick rice.
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STEP 7 Water Polisher
Water polisher is to increase the finishing quality and brightening of the rice.
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STEP 8 Rotary Shifter
Rotary Shifter rotates the rice and separates broken rice.
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STEP 9 Length Grader
Length grader separates the broken rice or small impurities from the head rice & it is also utilized to control the length of the rice as required by our customer.
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STEP 10 Colour Sortex
Color Sortex machine separates the colour rice from the final rice to improve the quality.
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STEP 11 Final Packing
Final Packing of rice.
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STEP 12 Storage
Storage of Goods
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