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Most staple diets consumed worldwide are based on rice as a cereal grain. Because maize crops are primarily grown for purposes other than human consumption, rice is the most important grain in terms of human nutrition and caloric intake. Rice provides more than one-fifth of human energy worldwide.

The origin of rice is estimated to have been around 8,200-13,500 years ago in China’s Pearl River Valley region. South and Southeast Asia became popular with rice as it spread from East Asia. When the Europeans colonized the American continent, they introduced rice to Europe through Western Asia.

Since rice cultivation requires a large amount of water, it grows well in humid climates and areas with high rainfall rates. Rice cultivation requires significant labor, so it is commonly planted in areas with low labor costs. The rice seeds were traditionally planted in flooded fields after being planted or while the young plants were being set down. Water damming and channeling are required for this method, but it reduces the growth of weeds and pests that cannot grow underwater.

Rice cultivation has been affected over the years by a variety of factors, including technological, industrial, and environmental ones. According to a study published in 2010, rice yield growth rates have decreased in many parts of Asia since the late 20th century due to increased temperatures and declining solar radiation.

Exports and Production of Rice Around the World

There is no doubt that rice remains a staple food crop consumed worldwide. The number of rice varieties produced in different parts of the world today exceeds 40,000. China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are among the world’s leading producers and exporters of the crop.

There are specific climatic requirements for rice crops’ ideal growth, which can only be met at specific places on earth. In this regard, only a few regions worldwide have topped the global rice production rankings.

China continues to be the world’s top rice producer because of its ideal climatic conditions, rice-growing environment, and agricultural knowledge. According to statistics collected, approximately 197 million tons of rice were produced in China alone in 2009. People throughout China still consume rice as part of their staple diet. Besides being exported out of the country, the commodity is also produced in excessive quantities and can cater to the needs of the international market due to its excellent quality. There is no doubt that Pakistan is one of the world’s leading rice producers.

Innovations in Hybrid Rice Technology

Science is working toward developing more and more rice hybrids using existing species and forms of the crop around the world with better technology and advancements in agricultural development. A rice crop called NERICA, or the New Rice For Africa, was developed to grow in Africa’s harsh and dry conditions.

The concept of genetically modified organisms is also relatively new and is known as GMO. Through GMO technology, rice crops have been induced with the following qualities:

  • Herbicide resistance
  • Pest-resistance
  • Grains of a better size
  • Rice grains with better quality and texture
  • Rice grains with a higher nutritional value
  • Rice with a more flavorful or aromatic taste
  • Human protein production

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It can be seen from the information provided above that the leading continent involved in the production of high-quality rice is Asia, primarily the South East and Far East Asian regions. 

More than fertile plains and ideal climatic conditions are required for high-quality rice production. Having the right amount of knowledge about the planting of crops, the correct seasons, and the crop requirements is essential for farmers if they can produce rice that can be exported to other countries and support a country’s economy.