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A Brief Guide About Wheat Production in Pakistan

A nutrient-enhanced wheat variety is gaining popularity in Pakistan thanks to its increased food security, higher incomes, and health benefits. Pakistani wheat flour, or atta, provides 72% of the caloric energy in the average Pakistani diet. Pakistan depends mainly on this crop for its food, which is better from a

Top Rice Exporter of Pakistan

Top Rice Exporter of Pakistan Most staple diets consumed worldwide are based on rice as a cereal grain. Because maize crops are primarily grown for purposes other than human consumption, rice is the most important grain in terms of human nutrition and caloric intake. Rice provides more than one-fifth of

Polson Food: The Top Food Exporter In Pakistan

Polson Food is one of the top food exporter companies in Pakistan. We undoubtedly provide valuable services to our customers and offer our customers high-quality rice, wheat, cereals, corn, flour, oil, pulses, fresh fish, and frozen vegetables. Whether it is helping you find the best quality food products or packaging