Polson Foods is a top supplier in the pulses wholesale market in Pakistan and exports high-quality pulses to different clients in Pakistan and other countries. Our supreme quality pulses are shaped, sized, and colored in various ways and grow in pods. In contrast to other vegetable crops, pulses are solely produced as dried grains, making them distinct from green vegetables. Their health benefits, nutritional value, and ease of cooking make them a perfect addition to any diet.

Pakistan is among the top pulses exporting countries in the world, and Sifona is one of the top pulses suppliers in Pakistan. It makes us very proud that our company plays a vital role in exporting pulses in a very plentiful manner. We offer a wide variety of pulses such as Moong Bean, Tyson Chickpeas, Red Lentils, Black Matpe, Toor Whole, Moth Bean, Kabuli chickpeas, and Red Kidney Beans. Pulses contribute to sustainable agriculture by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil health, and using less water than other crops.

Pulses export from Pakistan is of the finest quality, and at Polson Foods, we provide our customers with the best quality, taste, and size. We have been exporting lentils in large quantities for the past twelve years, and we have the reputation of having an excellent quality product.