Polson Food is one of Pakistan’s leading rice exporters, and we are the most relevant brand in Pakistan’s trade outlets. The Pakistani rice industry produces wide varieties of high-quality rice all around the globe. Rice grown in Pakistan is non-glutinous, aromatic, long-grain, slender, and scented. Our packaging design is ideal for keeping rice moist for as long as possible. As a provider of rice with the authentic taste of traditional cuisine, we are proud of our company for providing a product with superior quality at an affordable price.

Our company believes in providing the best quality rice and extraordinary customer service and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. From procurement to delivery, strict control measures ensure that consumers receive the best grain. A fumigation process precedes the packaging of the rice. Our rice takes longer than other rice brands and is much more aromatic. We provide premium quality organic rice to our customers at reasonable prices.

Polson Food is among the few exporters offering rice that complies with the International Standards for physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters. Our sophisticated facility is equipped with a line that processes and packs rice of all varieties hygienically under the supervision of a team of experienced food technologists. Regardless of scale or location, we strive to meet the satisfaction of every customer. Our products are known for their distinct fragrance, delicious taste, and commitment to the highest standards